July Loot Crate

We got our July Loot Crate today. Husby would say his Loot Crate, but I enjoy the unboxing just as much and have my eye on every t-shirt he’s received so far. Loot Crate is a monthly gear and swag … Continue reading


My Nite Lite

All of the house creatures are tucked in and Husby is hogging the T.V. I guess this is goodnight (read time for Hearthstone and True Blood on the iPad). Now, say it like it’s a fortune cookie. That’s right. In … Continue reading


I Got This

Though I “started” this blog almost one year ago, I have decided to pick it “back” up as a hobby. My plan is to share things I find funny, interesting or helpful to the like-minded…and it will be a great all-in-one-place reference for me! You will find product reviews, subscription box reviews, recipes and anecdotes all soon to come! And, of course, I wouldn’t rule out the occasional (maybe not so occasional) personal triumph, observation or random thought.

Nite-nite for now,