I’m Sorry. I’m So Sorry.

From the Top
Today, write about any topic you feel like — but you must reuse your opening line (at least) two more times in the course of your post.

I apologize. To anyone in the midwest who was counting on a super warm summer at the pool this year, I want you to know I got a new central air unit. I didn’t know that it would result in 70 degree weather for July. I should have known, given my track record for rain on days I wash the car or sold out products when I get a great parking spot at the grocery store. So, go ahead, blame the fact that you are spending this mild summer with the windows open at night and a cool breeze during your late morning walk on me.

I apologize. To anyone at Cracker Barrel tonight that was bothered by my children talking more animatedly than is considered normal, please know I saw your glances – you weren’t as subtle as you believed yourselves to be. This was happy animation. If you would have seen them at each others throats just a couple of hours ago, you would understand my reluctance to call them down and perhaps given me an encouraging shoulder squeeze. The summer of my child vs my tween is in full effect.

I apologize. To any of my peacefully meditating neighbors that are not currently involved with lawn care, believe me, I don’t relish the barks either. I try to bring them in for nap or playtime when the mowers start, but when do the mowers ever stop in this subdivision?

I apologize. I am a thrifty person, but I am also a procrastinator. I didn’t think it through clearly when I chose, at first, not to participate in the REDcard program. But today it dawned on me while I was in line, why am I not saving an extra 5% on this stuff? Why am I not getting free shipping from my online shopping? I shop here all of the time. Yes, lovely teenager who is all too eager to take a short break from her checking out duties, tell me more about this program even though you have a line a couple of people deep. To those people that were in line behind me, I hate when that happens too. Is this considered paying it forward?

Until midnight tonight, Forever 21 has an extra 30% off of their online clearance items. I found the cutest backpack for $12.59 shipped. My tween agreed it’s going to be a cool bag for her first year in Intermediate School. Tonight I had to take back the backpack I was in line with earlier. I did warn you, I’m a thrifty person. I apologize.


5 thoughts on “I’m Sorry. I’m So Sorry.

    • Okay, so what I do is I copy the URL of the Daily Prompt, highlight the Daily Prompt text in my post and then click the button to create a link. The box comes up and you just paste the URL in where it says and then name the link (I name it Daily Prompt) and save it.

      • Thanks so much I’ll try that because I’ve tried everything else and it even says pinged on my post but the post never shoes up in the prompt page. thanks again

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