It’s Friday, I’m in Love

I started my Friday favorites last week and had my mind set to make it a regular feature on my blog. This week, I happened upon a link-up for my theme. So, I’m linking up with Mom’s Got Mail for her regular feature, Friday Fave Five!

Favorite Sale

The Nordstrom Beauty Bag on Hautelook. $25 +$5.95 shipping for a $180 value. Yup. Sign me up! It goes on sale at 11 am EST so snap them up while you can!



Update: Confirmed at 1:02 pm EST, The Nordstrom Beauty Bag is now sold out and no longer on the Hautelook website. I hope you got one!

Favorite Entertainment

You know those annoying quizzes that bored people take on Facebook that tell them how good they are, what superhero they are, who they were in a previous life, etc? They are dumb and simple and…well, they are very dumb. I like those quizzes a lot. I especially like them at 2 am when my brain has logged out but my body won’t. My favorite this week is The Inkeeper’s Quiz. I have discovered which Hearthstone card best represents me. I know you’re dying to know. I was. Figuratively.


Favorite Kids


My kids love Minecraft (I don’t get it) and this guy loves Minecraft. It was meant to be.

Stampy runs a kid-friendly Youtube channel that teaches the little ones how to do fun stuff in Minecraft and is just all around entertaining for them as he posts a lot of gameplay and says the most hilarious stuff while he’s doing it. My girls are fans (I get it).

Favorite Beauty

Urban Decay Perversion mascara. Right now I’m still rocking’ the very generous, deluxe sample that they sent out just before Perversion debuted, but it is definitely on the shopping list as soon as I’m out. I can honestly say I have never had a mascara that was just…perfect. It’s not clumpy, it goes on smooth, it makes my lashes look long and beautiful and full…I don’t know what magic this is, but I like it.


Favorite Food

KFC $5 Fill Ups. It comes with a big portion of mashed potatoes and gravy and I can get the chicken grilled. Also…a cookie. And that’s not even everything that comes with it…but those are the most important things. Spork!

What are you lovin’ on this Friday?

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5 thoughts on “It’s Friday, I’m in Love

  1. Thanks for the tip on the Stampy videos! My daughters love minecraft and can watch videos for hours…but many of the most popular ones are men cussing…and I try not to say “NO YOUTUBE” and tell them that if they feel a video is inappropriate, they shouldn’t watch it. I did finally tell them no more minecraft videos, so they switched to American girl doll motion (stop motion photography) videos.

    Thanks for linking up! Welcome to the blog hop.

    • Thanks for hosting the link-up! I love those things. You sound just like me with the Youtube videos. The guy who does Stampy changed up his whole format when he started noticing a lot of little kids viewing and he went kid-friendly. I think that was pretty great of him!

      Thanks for reading and commenting! 🙂

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