You’re a wizard, à la modern mom.

Fictional Intruder
Go down the rabbit hole with Alice; play quidditch with Harry Potter; float down the river with Huck Finn… If you could choose three fictional events or adventures to experience yourself, what would they be?

I’ve had fun considering the possibilities, but right now in my present mood…come with me, and you’ll be in a world of pure imagination.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

The Chocolate Room. How amazing would it have been to be one of the party members walking into that room? I don’t even care if I walked into it as an adult or a child, just to experience it at all. Was that marshmallow, whipped cream or white chocolate in those giant truffles? Dainty butter cups hanging from vines of sugary treats… ::drools:: EVERYTHING IS EATABLE! I mean edible. I mean, you can eat EVERYTHING! And it’s early enough into the story that Willy Wonka just seems like a harmless, slightly distracted guy. Until the chocolate river incident. Let’s get this experience over with before that.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Diagon Alley. The very day that Harry Potter first comes into Diagon Alley, I would have liked to be a young witch – observing. I wouldn’t want to be part of his story, I just want to appreciate his story and wish him the best. In the meantime, I would have been a young witch living in a modern world full of magic. It seems to have been a rather peaceful time up until Harry Potter came onto the scene, don’t you think? Let me be to wallow in my false sense of security for my future. My mouth is watering for a Butterbeer as we speak. I imagine it to be a warm butterscotch drink.

Gone With the Wind

You should be kissed and often, and by someone who knows how. If I recall correctly, Rhett did not kiss Scarlett the night he told her that. While I would have enjoyed that bad boy saying those words to me, I prefer to step into the story when he actually DID follow through. Yes, I want to BE Scarlett O’Hara Hamilton Kennedy Butler on her honeymoon with Rhett in New Orleans. Apart from the fact that I am fascinated by American history and it was freaking NEW ORLEANS, it is my opinion that Scarlett never did appreciate that man. Oh, Rhett…



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