It’s Friday, I’m in Love

I’ve decided to make this a regular feature on my blog. I imagine it will probably be a place for me to tell you about all of the products that I love, that I want everyone in the world to try. But, today- on my FIRST Friday, I’m bringing it home.

The Waking Up Hat

It’s just a little hat that we got a while back at Disney on Ice. A has even graffiti’d it up a little, as she likes to do to things. But, I love the Waking Up Hat. That’s what she calls it. Every morning, she wakes up and plops it on her bedhead and comes to greet me wherever I am. And every morning it makes me smile. How can I not love starting every morning with a smile?


Helping Hands

K is ten now. You will not normally find me loving the fact that she is growing up so fast, but this summer, I have loved it. Every morning, she gets up at the crack of eleven to give the pups fresh water and top off their food bowls. And, I don’t have to tell her to do it, she just gets up each morning with a mission. It may seem a small gesture, but I love it. You can believe me when I tell you that not every chore she is given is greeted with such enthusiasm. Yes, we can “all just get along”.


Morning Kisses

Husby started a new job this year. In this job, he gets up and leaves very early. In fact, it’s usually so early, that I’ve only been sleeping for a few hours when his alarm clock starts blaring. I guarantee you, I do not hear that alarm clock 99% of the time. But, when he comes upstairs an hour later to kiss me goodbye, it briefly wakes me every. single. time. He reaches down and holds my face in place, and quietly kisses…my forehead. Why my forehead, you ask? Because Husby respects my “No mouth kissing before I brush my teeth.” stance. Even when I am play sleeping. I LOVE that.

Use your imagination to put Sleeping Beauty right here. Don’t forget to center it. Gilded frame. Obviously.

Pet Hair Roller

See the picture attached to “Helping Hands”? Need I say more?


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