Thrifty Thursday

Trendy kicks, caps, tees
Thifty mama wants it all
H & M I love

That’s horrible haiku. Horrible! But in all seriousness, as I sit here in the wee hours of the morning compelled to stay silent for fear that one of my house creatures will awaken, I am recently inspired by my email to write about my favorite thrifty store, H&M. Whether it was because there wasn’t an H&M local to me or whether I was under some notion that H&M was some high-nosed shop due to advertised celebrity designer partnerships like Karl Lagerfeld, Vanessa Paradis or Madonna, I didn’t “discover” H&M until a couple of years ago. Now, I don’t know what made me sit up and take notice a couple of years ago (ahem…David Beckham), but I did sit up and take notice and how! Was I surprised to find totally on trend fashions for me AND my little people at prices that I could easily fit under Husby’s rule of: If it’s more than $5 than it’s too much. He says this in jest. I think. But, it’s absolutely true with H&M. They have tons of super cute things for $5 or less. My favorite finds this summer have been the Buy 2 Get 1 Basics. I stocked up on cute sundresses for the littles at only $4.95 each with every 3rd one being free. And they are adorable. And my kids love them. Win, win. Win, win, win.

This morning my email promises “Adorable new arrivals for your kids from $4.95”. Shall we?


2 thoughts on “Thrifty Thursday

  1. I’m an H&M lover too… I think 90% of all lovers have Mr. Beckham to thank for that! My husband and I were at another store not too long ago and he refused to buy another shirt because he could have got 2 for the same price at H&M! Long live thriftiness!

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