FabKids Review July 2014


Last month we started subscribing to FabKids for my youngest. I didn’t know anyone who had tried the service and the reviews I saw were mixed, but they had a promotion to get an entire outfit for $15 to try their service and I figured I would give it a go.

If you are not familiar with FabKids, it is a monthly kids clothing subscription service.  The subscription costs $29.95 per month. Each month your child is given a “FabShop” to choose one entire outfit out of several options curated based on style preferences. If you do not want an outfit, FabKids also allows you to “skip” months if you select to do so between the 1st and the 5th of each month.

My little one just loves to sit in my lap and look over all of the outfits and choose her favorites. This month there was a special promotion to get 2 outfits for the regular subscription price of 1. Since I am relatively new to the service, I am unsure if they normally have so many great sales, but we’ve totally lucked out these last two months!

The outfits A selected this month are “Plaid & Ruffle Outfit” and “Wildly Fun Outfit”.

Plaid & Ruffle Outfit

This outfit is absolutely adorable and A loves it. The dress is soft but thick enough to be durable. That will come in handy for A, she never stops moving and can be hard on her clothes. The back of the dress has a sturdy zipper from mid-waist to neck that is lined with yellow material. I am not sure the zipper was necessary as the dress isn’t overly structured but that may just be because of A’s body type. The leggings that came with the outfit are a nice soft cotton and fit A very well.  This outfit is definitely joining the school outfit rotation. I can’t wait to help accessorize for that yellow pop of color!


Wildly Fun Outfit

A adored the blue and pink leggings for this outfit as soon as she saw it online. Because of those leggings, this outfit was the one she made a beeline for when it came to trying on the clothes. The dress in this outfit is super soft and stretchy with thin material. The pattern is fun and this dress also has a little pop of bright pink color to it that A loves. The mixed color leggings are capri style with a sturdy black elastic waist. Overall this outfit is super cute and A will love it no matter what because it’s totally her style, but I found it to be a little bigger than I would have liked. The leggings didn’t quite hug her legs like I would like and the dress is so giving that I think we could have sized down one and we would have been fine. It will join the school clothes pile though, A has decreed it.


I absolutely feel like $29.95 for both of these outfits was a steal! So far the items we have received from FabKids have all been very well made and right up A’s alley for style.

If you are interested in trying FabKids for your size 2 – 12 child, you can still get your first outfit for just $15 plus free shipping! Just click here to get started!

Disclosure: This post contains referral links.


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